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Ground to use with

Nutritional values

Per 100g:

Energy value: 214 kJ / 48 kcal

Fat: 4.10 g

of which saturated fat: 3,90 g

Carbohydrates: 2,60 g

of which sugars: 0,08 g

Dietary fiber: 2,2 g

Protein: 1,20 g

Salt: 0,1 g


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FocusFuel Blend - Your Daily Dose of Productivity and Energy 

Discover the power of FOCUSFUEL BLEND, our exclusive blend of Organic Arabica coffee beans, enriched with MCT oilGuarana, and Ashwagandha.

This unique combination is carefully selected to assist you in your daily rhythm, whether you're in the office, on the go, or at home.

Our FOCUSFUEL BLEND coffee is more than just ordinary coffee. The selected organic arabica coffee beans from a boutique organic plantation in Mexico provide a rich and full flavor that coffee lovers around the world appreciate.

Benefits of FocusFuel Blend Coffee:

Organic Arabica Coffee Beans: Selected for their rich and full flavor, appreciated by coffee lovers worldwide. Our coffee is grown without the use of pesticides and artificial fertilizers.
🚀 MCT Coconut Oil: An addition that may help support your daily energy intake.*
🌿 Guarana: A traditionally used plant, known for supporting energy levels.
🌱 Ashwagandha: A popular plant in Ayurvedic medicine, valued for its traditional use in supporting the body in stressful situations.*

FOCUSFUEL BLEND is designed for those looking for something more than their morning cup of coffee. We created this coffee to help you stay focused and energized throughout the day and at the same time you can enjoy the same great coffee taste you love, with the added benefits of FocusFuel Blend.
FOCUSFUEL BLEND perfectly match also for those following Keto diet.

Warning: Store in a dry place and protect from heat.

Certificate: SI-EKO-003

Quantity: 250g

Handmade in EU


16 cm x 23 cm

Net weight


List of ingredients

Arabica Coffee*, MCT oil*, Guarana*, Ashwagandha*, *from controlled organic production


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
A Delicious Way to Stay Energized - Pavel, Musician:

Musicians rely on focus and energy during rehearsals and performances. FocusFuel Blend has become my backstage essential! The organic Arabica coffee offers a delicious flavor that perks me up before shows. The MCT oil provides a noticeable energy boost for long rehearsals. I appreciate the natural approach with Guarana and Ashwagandha for an extra focus layer. It's the perfect coffee blend to keep me energized and focused on stage.

Marko (Ljubljana)
My Go-To Coffee for Daily Productivity - Natalia, Entrepreneur:

Running a business requires focus and energy throughout the day. FocusFuel Blend has become my go-to coffee!

Sharper Focus and Delicious Flavor - Amelia, Architect:

s an architect, I need to be focused and detail-oriented. FocusFuel Blend has become my design partner! The organic Arabica coffee offers a rich flavor that sets the tone for my day. The MCT oil seems to enhance my cognitive function for tackling complex architectural designs. The Guarana provides a natural energy boost, and Ashwagandha helps me manage stress when deadlines approach. It's a delicious and functional coffee that supports my focus and creativity.

Marko (Ljubljana)
Fueling My Adventures with FocusFuel - Emily, Travel Blogger:

Exploring new destinations requires focus and energy. FocusFuel Blend has become my travel buddy! The organic Arabica coffee delivers a delicious taste that gets me going in the mornings. The MCT oil provides a welcome energy boost, especially for long travel days. I appreciate the natural ingredients like Guarana for an extra lift, and Ashwagandha seems to help me stay calm when navigating unfamiliar situations. It's the perfect coffee blend to fuel my travel adventures

A Functional Coffee that Fits My Lifestyle - Alex, Software Developer:

As a programmer, I rely on focus and energy to tackle complex coding problems. FocusFuel Blend has become my secret weapon! The smooth and delicious organic Arabica coffee is a great start to my day. The MCT oil seems to provide a long-lasting energy source for coding sessions. I appreciate the natural approach with Guarana and Ashwagandha. It's a functional coffee that keeps me focused and energized without compromising on taste, and even fits perfectly with my keto lifestyle.

Vitality, Productivity, Immunity, Body & Mind Connection

Feel the Magic of Clean Energy Every Day with our Functional Organic Healthy Coffee products.